Once Upon A Paw’s
Gatti delle Foreste Norvegesi
IT* OnceUponAPaw’s Allevamento del Gatto delle Foreste Norvegesi di Stefania Maione - Salita Arenella n. 9 80129 Napoli
081 - 5563407  335 5712930 e.mail architettomaione@libero.it
Our males
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IC. IT* Onceuponapaw’s Woody Allen
IT* Onceuponapaw’s A Hero of the Big Snows
Our females
IT* Gatti d’Autore Gigì Lola Bunny
CH. Halleluiah d’Hibernia *F
IT* Norr Venn’s Woman
IT* Onceuponapaw’s A Star is Born
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If you are interested in a kitten or you need any info, feel free to contact me : Stefania Maione architettomaione@libero.it 0039 3355712939 0039 81 5563407
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IT* Amor Vincit Omnia Yeswecat
IT* Amor Vincit Omnia Yeswecat
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photo album